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What is a foster home?

A home that offers a homeless animal a safe, temporary place to stay after they are removed from the shelter until a furever home is found. Our animals always do best in foster homes!

The foster family is responsible for providing the animal a safe environment and clean accommodations as well as food, water, exercise, love and attention. Our foster's play an important role in the adoption process by providing valuable information about the animal’s temperament, health and special needs. All vetting expenses are paid for by the rescue. 

What can I expect when I foster an animal?

We have many different foster opportunities for you to choose from. Puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and medical fosters are always needed. Our foster coordinator can help you choose which dog would do best in your home. The time an animal spends in a foster home varies. Usually, it takes about 2-4 weeks for a dog to be adopted. Some of our dogs spend as little as a week in a foster home. However, some pets need more time due to illness, age, or behavioral issues. Prior to adoption, all of our dogs must be fully vaccinate and spayed/neutered at one of our many local vets. We do our very best to schedule vet appointments around your schedule. 

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