Ready to Foster?

What is a Foster Home?

A home that offers a homeless animal a safe, temporary place to stay after they are removed from the shelter until a furever home is found. Foster homes are extremely important to CAMO because we do not have a shelter.  All of our animals are in foster homes until they are adopted.


The foster family is responsible for providing the animal a safe and clean accommodations as well as food, water, exercise, love and attention.  The foster family is will be able to share valuable information about the animal’s temperament, health and overall wellbeing. 

What can I expect when I foster an animal?

The time an animal spends in a foster home varies.  Usually, it takes about 2-5 weeks for a dog to be adopted. Some dogs spend as little as a week in a foster home.  However, some pets need more time due to  illness, age, or behavioral issues.

Once an animal is ready for adoption, CAMO will publicise the dog on petfinder and on Facebook as well as at any community events CAMO attends.  An animal is deemed as ready for adoption when he or she is healthy, has been spayed / neutered, and behavior has been evaluated.   ​

Fostering an animal has many benefits.  Saving a homeless pet’s life is the greatest benefit.  However, it is also a chance to have a pet without the lifetime commitment.

What are the responsibilities of being a Foster Family?

  • Provide a safe, clean, and loving environment

  • Provide food, water, toys/exercise, and shelter

  • Provide exercise and socialization

  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems

  • Transport to/from vet appointments

  • Transport to/from events, if applicable

  • In some cases, the foster pets require isolation from other animals in the home for 10-14 days or longer, if the foster pet is sick or coming directly from the shelter

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