CAMO Rescue

Camo is a 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue group devoted to rescuing dogs from high kill shelters and the streets.  
We save the most needful, neglected and those with the greatest medical needs.  We rescue 800-900 dogs a year. 

CAMO Rescue offers life, health and a forever home. We specialize in dogs that other rescues can’t or won’t take due to fearful behavior or medical needs. We primarily rescue ‘euthanasia listed’ animals that are in immediate danger of death and dogs off the streets.  We provide shots, spay/neuter, microchip, foster homes, food, medical treatment and love to dogs that are abandoned, unwanted or otherwise in need.  We never euthanize an animal to make room for another. In addition to caring for our dogs and finding the best possible home for them, we provide education to the community, encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership. If needed, our rescue dogs are retrained to socialize in an adoptive loving, family.  We have had phenomenal success, and amazing support from our community.

We believe that animals, as living creatures are entitled to a quality life, respect and compassion.  Since humans have domesticated animals, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to care for them. We are partnered with many Shelters to help them reach the same goal. 


Meet The Team


Holly Dool

Founder, President


Emily Norris

Vice President


Vanessa Johnson

Adoption Coordinator


Stephanie Mei

Foster Coordinator


Maddie Cantrell

Administrative Assistant


Marissa Cargal

Kennel Manager


Brock Anderson

Kennel Manager / Webmaster


Morgan Hutchison

Kennel Attendant