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You are what makes CAMO Rescue possible.

Our schedules are jam packed with tons of vet appointments for our dogs. Every dog we receive is examined, spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and their medical issues are tended to. We rely on our adoptions and our charitable community to assist us in paying for these services. There are many dogs we receive that undergo thousands and thousands of dollars worth of surgeries/procedures. These vet bills make or break us and without our wonderful community we would not be able to continue rescuing these animals. We recognize that there are many wonderful charitable organizations you could donate to and we truly appreciate you choosing CAMO Rescue. Big or small, every dollar brings us closer to our goal. 


Our dogs on vet day!

Donate supplies from our Amazon Wishlist!

If you would like to assist us with our supplies such as food, toys, medical supplies, etc., please consider purchasing items from our personalized wishlist via Amazon! We hand pick which items we're in need of every week and Amazon sends them directly to our facility!

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